Infrastructure Projects

Water Projects


  • Replaced over 19,000 linear feet of water lines:
    • Candyce
    • US HWY 77 East Side of Moonlight Drive to Fidelity Bank
    • Lawndale
    • Greenbriar
    • Dean
    • Dison
    • Stefka
    • Mclendon
    • Loop 340
    • Caron
    • Donlo
    • Ward Hwy 77 to Andrews
  • Well Site Improvements
    • Replaced pump houses at 3 well sites
    • Updated piping and added new electrical and SCADA controls.
    • A new 250,000-gallon ground storage tank was added to 1 of the well sites.
  • Elevated Water Storage Improvements
    • Installed a 3rd booster pump which pumps water to the upper-pressure plane.
    • Installed a new generator to provide service during power outages.
  • Water Treatment Plant Improvements
    • Cleaned sediment out of intake structure
    • Installed a new pump that pumps 5,100 gallons of water per minute.
    • Completed Micro-Floc rehab project.
    • Installation of new membranes.
    • Removed vegetation in the area where new reservoir will be constructed.

Upcoming Projects

  • Build a new elevated storage tank near I-35 - in progress
  • Build a second water reservoir at the water treatment plant located along South 12th street.
  • Continue improvements to the cities water system.

Wastewater Projects


  • Replaced old clay pipe sewer mains at the following:
    • Stefka
    • Dison
    • Hillview
    • Nelson
    • Ivan
    • Moonlight
    • Ward
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities of our lift stations by adding a SCADA system at our larger sites:
    • South Pond (Valley View area)
    • Moonlight
    • Industrial (Sun Valley)
    • Lux
    • Dayton Street
  • Reduced the number of operating lift stations by taking two out of service (a goal every wastewater system has):
    • Sturgis
    • Ivan
  • Lux lift station was relocated and replaced.
  • Replacement of mains in a few areas/sections of:
    • A few areas of Fain Estates
    • Andrews
    • McLendon 

Upcoming Projects

  • Install new gravity sewer lines to allow abandonment of the Lyndale lift station.
  • Replacement of sewer mains in Meadowbrook Addition.
Upgrading Robinson_Project at a Time



  • Downsville
  • Hoffmeyer
  • S. Old Robinson Road
  • Tate Street
  • Peggy

Upcoming Street/Drainage Projects - Contract Awarded work begins Monday, April 30th

  • Lou Drive (Dead End to Elizabeth) - Drainage, Street Reconstruction & Reclamation
  • McLendon Drive (From the Curve to Just Past Andrews) - Drainage & Street Reclamation
  • Hillview Drive - Drainage & Street Reconstruction
  • Beard Avenue (Billington to Right Before Tinsley)  - Drainage Improvements Only
  • Bunker Drive (Billington to Past Cindy) - Drainage Improvements Only

Upcoming Street Projects - In Design

  • Peggy Drive (Dead end to Karnes Drive) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction
  • Nelson Drive (Beard to Cindy) - Water & Street Construction
  • Denison Drive (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction
  • Meadowbrook Street (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water & Street Construction
  • Brewster Street (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water & Street Construction
  • Waverly Street (Dead End of Road to End of City Limits) -  Water & Street Construction
  • Elizabeth Drive (Denison Drive to Betsy Drive) - Water & Street Construction
  • Bunker Drive (Nelson Drive to Tinsley Drive) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction

Street Maintenance - 2018

May -

  • Chip Seal - completed
    • West Tate/Hoffmeyer (from Pompano Park Drive to Greig Drive)
  • Crack Seal - completed
    • San Bonito Drive
    • Violet Drive
    • Hawkins Court
    • Ranch Drive
    • A portion of Dale Drive

June -

  • Chip Seal
    • S. Old Robinson Road (from Hwy 77 to Castleman Creek)
    • Downsville Road (from Hobbs Lane to a little past Hobbs Lane) - completed
  • Crack Seal
    • Karnes (from Hwy 77 to N. Old Robinson Road) - completed

July -

  • Chip Seal
    • Lux Drive
    • Brint Lane
    • Georgia Lane
  • Crack Seal
    • Cedar Ridge Circle - completed

August -

  • Chip Seal
    • Beard Avenue
  • Crack Seal 
    • Surrey Ridge Addition (until we run out of material)

Current Projects

Sewer Line Extension across Lyndale & Tate Project

The City is partnering witha developer to install an 18-inch sewer line across Lyndale and Tate. Thispartnership will save the City around $150,000 and is the 2nd step inre-routing the flow on the South Pond Lift Station. By re-routing the flow, itincreases the capacity for new development and reduces some of the sewer issuesaround town.

Road Closure & Detour Information

Work has already begun for the sewer line extension acrossLyndale, with work on Tate beginning soon. There will be a full street closureon Tate to extend the sewer line. In preparation of this closure, we aresharing detour information so people can begin making plans for their dailycommute.

Tate Street Closure & Detours

As you can see on the map, only the residents on Tate Street between the construction site and Old Robinson will have access from Old Robinson Road, see the first image below.

All other residents along with RISD staff, students, and parents will need to access Tate Street from either Moonlight or Greig/Hoffmeyer. The second image displays these detours.
Detour 1. You can access Tate from Moonlight Drive by turning onto Saratoga Drive from Moonlight. You will then take a left on Trinity Meadows Lane and then take a right onto Sunland Park.
Detour 2. You can access Tate from Greig, you will take a right or left on Hoffmeyer depending on what direction you are coming from, Hoffmeyer will turn into Tate Street. 
Traveling West Moonlight = right hand turn
Traveling East Moonlight = left hand turn

Lyndale Street Partial Closure

Aportion of the road will be closed but they will keep one lane open forresidents, Robinson ISD staff, and students who need access. There may be anoccasional closure, but have advised they will notify us if this happens.

The goal is to have this projectfinished up before school starts and we will continue sharing information as wereceive it.

WTate_Road Closure_SewerLineExtensionWTate_Road Closure_SewerLineExtension_Moonlight