New Solid Waste Services

This past April, the City Council voted unanimously to award an exclusive solid waste collection services contract to Waste Management for all residential and commercial solid waste collection and disposal, excluding roll-offs.  The collection, removal, and proper disposal of solid waste generated within the City of Robinson is essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the City’s residents. This contract establishes a uniform collection that will be governed by specific rules and contractual terms to best serve the public purpose of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of residents. A single provider will allow for better control and assessment of wear and tear on the City’s streets with heavy collection equipment. Therefore, the City Council determined that granting a solid waste collection and disposal franchise is in the best interest of the City of Robinson. This contract will begin on July 1st with services starting on Monday, July 2nd.

New Solid Waste Provider and Services

Solid Waste Documents

Solid Waste Cart Brochure

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Residental Solid Waste Collection

Residential Solid Waste Services and Rates Breakdown
Solid Waste Collected One (1) Time Per Week in One (1) 96 Gal-Polycart, Brush/Bulk (up to 3cu yds.) picked up at your curb,

Recycle collected Every Other Week in One (1) 96 – Gallon Polycart
$14.59 per home, per month
“At Your Door Hazardous Waste Collection”
$.86 per home, per month
Franchise and Billing Fee
$1.69 per home, per month
$17.14 per home, per month
Additional 96- Gallon PolyCarts
$5.55 per polycart, per home, includes franchise fee 

000 (2)


Commerical Small Collect and Dumpster Services

Commerical Small Collect

Each small commercial account, not utilizing dumpster service, will transfer to Waste Management as a commercial small collect account utilizing 96-gallon carts issued by Waste Management with a four (4) cart limit per account. Billing and service questions or concerns will be handled by the City of Robinson Utility Department and can be reached at (254) 662-1415 or

Commerical Small Collect Pricing
Each 96-gallon polycart
$19.58 per month, includes franchise fee
There is a 4 cart limit with this service. If your business needs to move to dumpster service you can contact Waste Management to set that up at 1-800-800-5804 or

Commerical Front Load Dumpster Service

Waste Management handles ALL commercial front load dumpster service accounts. 

Commerical Front Load Dumpster Service Pricing
Container Size / Type
1 X Week
2 X Week
3 X Week
4 X Week
5 X Week
6 X Week
3 Yard FEL Container
4 Yard FEL Container
6 Yard FEL Container
8 Yard FEL Container
These rates include 5% franchise fee to be remitted to City

Extra Pick Up:
3 YD- $38.38
4YD- $42.82
6YD- $70.85
8YD- $84.55
Lock- $10.50

Waste Management can help you with your container needs.
Customer Service Department:
Direct Line: 1-800-800-5804
On all emails: Please always give service address and full contact information