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Posted on: April 26, 2018

New Solid Waste Services & Rates


This infographic gives a brief overview of the new solid waste service and rates that will take effect on July 1st, 2018. It was included in the April Section 2 Newsletter and will be included in the next paper and electronic Newsletter. This is just a section of content that will be in the upcoming May newsletter, so make sure to get signed up if you are not already at link

The newsletter is sent out as a paper insert in your monthly utility bill every month. If you elected to receive your bill electronically you are automatically signed up to receive the Citizen Newsletter (electronic version) as a separate email, unless you opted out of it.

Addressed below are a couple of things that have been brought to our attention and we would like to clear them up:

Carts - There will ONLY be 2 carts provided with the $17.14 rate - one (1) for solid waste & (1) for recyclables. If you chose to not recycle you CANNOT use your recyclables cart for solid waste. If you need an additional cart, for either recyclables or solid waste, it is $5 per month per cart. These carts are 96-gallons and are one of the largest sizes made. To compare, the City of Waco's largest cart goes up to 95-gallons.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Brush will NOT have a cart. This will be set out during the BRUSH/BULK pick-up once per week.

Solid Waste Cart - It is recommended that all solid waste be bagged before placed in the cart to help with litter control. All solid waste must fit into the cart and the cart lid MUST close.

Recyclables - all ACCEPTABLE items must be loose and cart lid MUST close. Acceptable items will be printed on the cart and also listed within a brochure left with each cart. This list will also be available on our website in the near future.

Cart delivery - these will be delivered sometime between now and July 1st. We will communicate this information as soon as we know. If a cart is damaged Waste Management will replace it. If the cart is LOST OR STOLEN the resident is responsible for replacing it. Each cart will have a number associated with it. You are encouraged to write that number down. You can also place a sticker on your cart with your address.

Rate - the new rate of $17.40 replaces the current rate of $12.40.

The Change in Rate - the current solid waste contract expires June 30th and the rate was going to increase regardless, so we negotiated the best rate for the services that will be provided. The services negotiated were based on numerous comments we received from City Social Media, emails, phone calls, and responses from the citizen survey completed in 2017. This rate will include 1x per week solid waste collection, 1x per EVERY OTHER week recyclables collection, 1x per week Bulk/Brush pick-up of no more than 3 cubic feet (equivalent to a truck bed except 1 foot taller than the bed), and "At Your Door" Solid Waste collection whenever needed.

We will continue to send more information out as we move closer to the July 2nd solid waste collection change. Please make sure to SHARE this post to help spread the word with fellow residents and encourage them to like/follow our page.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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