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Water Treatment

Drought Contingeny Plan - Stage 2 Now In Effect

As of 2012, The Drought Contingency Plan is now an ordinance. Click here to view the full ordinance.


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Water Treatment Director

Greg1Greg Hobbs has lived in The City of Robinson for over 40 years. He attended Robinson schools from 4th grade through High School where he graduated in 1980. After graduation he attended both McLennan Community College and Texas State Technical Institute. In 1982, he received an Associate degree in Environmental Engineering. Upon obtaining his degree, Greg, with the encouragement of current staff continued his employment with the City of Robinson where he had worked since 1979. In July of 2011 Greg will have been serving the citizens of Robinson for 32 years.

His certifications from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) include: Class B Surface Water License,  Class B Ground Water license, and Class C Wastewater License.

Greg and his wife, Becky, who is also a long time Robinson citizen, have been married since 1982. Though they have lived in a few different locations, they always have made their home somewhere in Robinson raising their two sons Shane, and Colton.

Water Treatment

The City of Robinson holds a Texas Water Right to withdraw water from the Brazos River which is stored in an off-channel reservoir on Tinsley, just outside the city limits. From the reservoir, the water is pumped to the adjacent Water Treatment Plant where it receives conventional treatment before entering a reverse osmosis treatment train. The finished water is stored in a 565,000 gallon clearwell before being pumped to the distribution system. There are four personnel assigned to the plant.

Water Wells

Five deep water wells producing from the Upper Trinity formation augment the city's water supply year round. Each well is equipped with a ground storage tank ranging in size from 200,000 gallons up to 500,000 gallons and two or more booster pumps to deliver the water into the distribution system. The wells are maintained by distribution system personnel.


An 800,000 gallon concrete storage tank located at the highest elevation in the city provides pressure by gravity to all of the city except the upper pressure plane which is served by a 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank (water tower). Including the ground storage at the well sites, the system has the ability to maintain over three million gallons of water in storage. While summertime peak usage reaches 2.5 MGD, system capacity is estimated at 3.5 MGD. There are 3 personnel assigned to this area. Major construction work is contracted to the private sector under the supervision of the city's engineers.

Annual Water Quality Report

2013 Annual Water Quality Report

2012 Annual Water Quality Report

2011 Annual Water Quality Report

2010 Annual Water Quality Report

2009 Annual Water Quality Report

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