Community Visions 2034

The City of Robinson's Comprehensive Plan entitled, "Community Visions 2034" was approved by Council Members at the September 2, 2014 Council Meeting. An ordinance of the City of Robinson approved and adopted the Comprehensive Plan.

Shaping the Future

The Community Visions 2034 plan serves several important roles in the community's decision-making process. Its primary purpose is to permit the city to consciously consider and shape its own future. It serves as a response to existing problems that have been identified within the community, and as a means to address future issues in a more proactive way. It is intended to be used to identify areas or features that need to be protected or preserved, and it establishes a framework for setting priorities. The plan focuses primarily upon the community's physical form and environment, and is closely tied to its socioeconomic factors. In many ways, the physical layout and design of the community affects the daily lives of those who live, work, and play here.

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