Infrastructure Projects

Water Projects


  • Replaced over 19,000 linear feet of water lines:
    • Candyce
    • US HWY 77 East Side of Moonlight Drive to Fidelity Bank
    • Lawndale
    • Greenbriar
    • Dean
    • Dison
    • Stefka
    • Mclendon
    • Loop 340
    • Caron
    • Donlo
    • Ward Hwy 77 to Andrews
  • Well Site Improvements
    • Replaced pump houses at 3 well sites
    • Updated piping and added new electrical and SCADA controls.
    • A new 250,000-gallon ground storage tank was added to 1 of the well sites.
  • Elevated Water Storage Improvements
    • Installed a 3rd booster pump which pumps water to the upper-pressure plane.
    • Installed a new generator to provide service during power outages.
  • Water Treatment Plant Improvements
    • Cleaned sediment out of intake structure
    • Installed a new pump that pumps 5,100 gallons of water per minute.
    • Completed Micro-Floc rehab project.
    • Installation of new membranes.
    • Removed vegetation in the area where new reservoir will be constructed.

Upcoming Projects

  • Build a new elevated storage tank near I-35 - in progress
  • Build a second water reservoir at the water treatment plant located along South 12th street.
  • Installation of Hillview pump house to replace the old one.
  • Recoating the ground storage tank.
  • Hillside Well improvements.
  • Continue improvements to the cities water system.

Wastewater Projects


  • Replaced old clay pipe sewer mains at the following:
    • Stefka
    • Dison
    • Hillview
    • Nelson
    • Ivan
    • Moonlight
    • Ward
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities of our lift stations by adding a SCADA system at our larger sites:
    • South Pond (Valley View area)
    • Moonlight
    • Industrial (Sun Valley)
    • Lux
    • Dayton Street
  • Reduced the number of operating lift stations by taking two out of service (a goal every wastewater system has):
    • Sturgis
    • Ivan
  • Lux lift station was relocated and replaced.
  • Replacement of mains in a few areas/sections of:
    • A few areas of Fain Estates
    • Andrews
    • McLendon 
  • Install new gravity sewer lines to allow abandonment of the Lyndale lift station.
  • Replacement of sewer mains in Meadowbrook Addition.
  • Sewer Line Extension across Lyndale & Tate Project

    The City partnered with a developer to install an 18-inch sewer line across Lyndale and Tate. This partnership saved the City around $150,000 and is the 2nd step in re-routing the flow on the South Pond Lift Station. By re-routing the flow, it increases the capacity for new development and reduces some of the sewer issues around town.

Upcoming Projects

  • Rerouting of the South Pond force main.
  • Sewer line projects related to the 2017 & 2018 Street Projects.
Upgrading Robinson_Project at a Time


FY 2017 - 2018 Street Maintenance Completed

  • Downsville
  • Hoffmeyer
  • S. Old Robinson Road
  • Tate Street
  • Peggy

Chip Seal 

  • West Tate/Hoffmeyer (from Pompano Park Drive to Greig Drive)
  • S. Old Robinson Road (from Hwy 77 to Castleman Creek)  
  • Downsville Road (from Hobbs Lane to a little past Hobbs Lane) 
  • Lux Drive 
  • Brint Lane 
  • Georgia Lane 

Crack Seal 

  • San Bonito Drive 
  • Violet Drive 
  • Hawkins Court 
  • Ranch Drive 
  • A portion of Dale Drive 
  • Karnes (from Hwy 77 to N. Old Robinson Road)
  • Cedar Ridge Circle 
  • Surrey Ridge Addition 

Upcoming Street/Drainage Projects - Contract Awarded work begins Monday, April 30th

  • Lou Drive (Dead End to Elizabeth) - Drainage, Street Reconstruction & Reclamation - in progress
  • McLendon Drive (From the Curve to Just Past Andrews) - Drainage & Street Reclamation - in progress
  • Hillview Drive - Drainage & Street Reconstruction - in progress
  • Beard Avenue (Billington to Right Before Tinsley)  - Drainage Improvements Only - in progress
  • Bunker Drive (Billington to Past Cindy) - Drainage Improvements Only - in progress

Upcoming Street Projects - In Design

  • Peggy Drive (Dead end to Karnes Drive) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction
  • Nelson Drive (Beard to Cindy) - Water & Street Construction
  • Denison Drive (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction
  • Meadowbrook Street (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water & Street Construction
  • Brewster Street (Old Robinson Road to Hwy 77) - Water & Street Construction
  • Waverly Street (Dead End of Road to End of City Limits) -  Water & Street Construction
  • Elizabeth Drive (Denison Drive to Betsy Drive) - Water & Street Construction
  • Bunker Drive (Nelson Drive to Tinsley Drive) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Construction

Street Maintenance - 2018

  • Chip Seal
    • Beard Avenue - postponed due to work in that area for the 2017 Street Project.