Upgrading Robinson

  1. Current Street Construction Projects
  2. Previous Street Construction Projects Completed
  3. Water Projects
  4. Wastewater Projects

Next Round of Streets Construction - Broken Out in Phases

Phase 1 for Next Round of Streets - Under Construction

  • Betsy (Margaret to Karnes) - Water, Wastewater & Street Reclamation and Reconstruction - water and wastewater lines are complete. The contractor is working on drainage and will begin tearing out curbs, gutters, and drive approaches in the coming weeks.
  • Dayton (End of TxDOT ROW to just past Denison) - Water & Street Reclamation - water force main installed. Drainage and street work are complete but will be overlaying portions of the street in the coming weeks.
  • Dogwood (Lou to Betsy) - Water & Street Reconstruction - water line is complete and road work will begin once contractor is finished with Betsy.
  • Emberwood (McLendon to Shamrock) - Water & Street Reclamation -  currently no work.
  • Karnes (Lou to Old Robinson Road) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Reconstruction -  should be finishing channel work in the coming weeks.
  • Margaret (Denison to Betsy) - Water & Street Reconstruction -  curb, gutter, and driveway work is complete. Contractor will begin work on street.
  • Susan (Elizabeth to Elizabeth) - Water and Street Reconstruction ONLY -  water line has been installed and street work is complete. The contractor, at the subcontractors expense, will be overlaying the street in the coming weeks.
  • Beard (Tinsley to Karnes) - Street Reclamation

Click here to find the designs for each street listed above.

Proposed Streets - Phase 2

  • Sturgis - the Full Length
  • Karels - the Full Length
  • Willard - the Full Length
  • Morse - the Full Length
  • Beard - the Full Length
  • San Benito - the Full Length
  • Santa Anna - the Full Length
  • W. Tate - (Old Robinson Rd. to Hwy 77)
  • N. Donna - the Full Length

Proposed Streets - Phase 3

  • James Wesley - the Full Length
  • Dawn - the Full Length
  • W. Ward - the Full Length
  • Tinsley (Chip Seal)
  • Newland (Chip Seal)
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