Upgrading Robinson

  1. Current Street Construction Projects
  2. Previous Street Construction Projects Completed
  3. Water Projects
  4. Wastewater Projects

Next Round of Streets Construction - Broken Out in Phases

Phase 1 for Next Round of Streets - Under Construction

  • Betsy (Margaret to Karnes) - Water, Wastewater & Street Reclamation and Reconstruction - working on curbs and gutters.
  • Dayton (End of TxDOT ROW to just past Denison) - Water & Street Reclamation - is complete.
  • Dogwood (Lou to Betsy) - Water & Street Reconstruction - water line is complete and road work will begin once contractor is finished with Betsy.
  • Emberwood (McLendon to Shamrock) - Water & Street Reclamation -  water line is in. Currently working on curbs and gutters.
  • Karnes (Lou to Old Robinson Road) - Water, Wastewater, & Street Reconstruction -  should be finishing channel work in the coming weeks.
  • Margaret (Denison to Betsy) - Water & Street Reconstruction -  is complete.
  • Susan (Elizabeth to Elizabeth) - Water and Street Reconstruction ONLY -  is complete.
  • Beard (Tinsley to Karnes) - Street Reclamation -  is complete. 

Click here to find the designs for each street listed above.

Proposed Streets - Phase 2

  • Sturgis - the Full Length
  • Karels - the Full Length
  • Willard - the Full Length
  • Morse - the Full Length
  • Beard - the Full Length
  • San Benito - the Full Length
  • Santa Anna - the Full Length
  • W. Tate - (Old Robinson Rd. to Hwy 77)
  • N. Donna - the Full Length

Proposed Streets - Phase 3

  • James Wesley - the Full Length
  • Dawn - the Full Length
  • W. Ward - the Full Length
  • Tinsley (Chip Seal)
  • Newland (Chip Seal)
Upgrading Robinson_Project at a Time (1)

    City council will consider the passage of an ordinance(s) authorizing the issuance of certificates of obligation not to exceed $10,000,000 for the purpose of funding infrastructure projects related to improving water and wastewater services. Read on...
  2. Smoke Testing

    Beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 1st, a Wastewater crew will be smoke testing sewer lines off of Greenbriar, Dean, and Aubrey. This is in response to the results received from the sewer testing completed by Duke's Root Control back in February. Read on...
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