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Elevated Storage Tank Progress

Elevated Storage Tank Construction

The City currently provides drinkable water to over 4400 individual connections and is also contracted to provide wholesale treated water to the City of Lorena and does this through a ground and surface water system. Both systems are regulated by minimum standards for safety. The surface water and ground water system is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Southern Trinity Underground Water District in McLennan County monitors ground water levels and sets the usage amounts for municipalities. If these minimum standards are not met by the City there are consequences enforced by either entity.

The City of Robinson's water system began as a groundwater system by the interconnection of water wells that were drilled into the Trinity Aquifer. With the growing demand for treated water and a declining water level in the aquifer, the City constructed a surface water treatment plant in the 1990's to supplement the existing groundwater system. In the late 1990's the city added an upper pressure plane. Pressure planes are isolated areas of the water delivery system that maintain a specific range of water pressures. These planes are established to ensure there is enough pressure to supply water to individual connections and also used as a water storage facility for emergency situations. These pressure planes are generally identified by the elevation of the area, so that adequate water pressure can be supplied to all areas. Higher locations in the City would be served by water storage tanks located at a higher elevation than those areas in the City with lower elevations.

Water storage and water distribution both play an important role in a water system functioning properly. Water storage can be designated by different categories based on its use and location. A water system must meet the overall storage requirements based on the number of connections. Elevated storage requirements must also be met for each pressure plane. Water distribution lines are used to transport drinkable water to service connections which must meet requirements set by TCEQ and maintain a minimum pressure of 35 psi during the peak demand period. The peak demand period is defined by applying a peaking factor at each service connection based on the past peak demand for the City.

Using the inventory of storage tanks, the existing storage system was examined based on the required limits set by TCEQ and it was determined we are nearing a deficit in elevated storage for the lower pressure plane while the upper pressure plane has a small surplus. A water model was also used to analyze the City's existing water distribution system which determined the area between Dayton Drive and N. Old Robinson Road fell below the 35 psi during the peak demand period. To meet and exceed pressure concerns in this area the City is contracting with a company called Landmark, with oversight by the City Engineer, to build an elevated tank adjacent to the I-35 northbound access road creating a middle pressure plane. Once this new pressure plane is in operation, the area between Dayton Drive and N. Old Robinson Road would be connected to the new pressure plane reducing the number of connections in the lower pressure plane while creating a surplus in elevated storage. This tank will serve the middle pressure plane, provide an additional supply to the lower pressure plane through a control valve, and meet pressure requirements per the City of Waco contract. In order to receive water from Waco the contract states we must provide our own pressure.

The elevated storage tank project for Robinson is expected to be completed around March or April of 2019, weather permitting. We will continue to provide updates and pictures of the progress via city newsletter and social media sites. Make sure to follow us @CityofRobinson on Facebook and Twitter.

The company Landmark specializes in construction of water storage tanks and one of their current projects is the City of Waco elevated storage tank being built right off Loop 340 near the Richland Mall.

To read more about the water system in Robinson download the city's Comprehensive Plan titled "Community Visions 2034 (PDF)."