Solid Waste Instructions & Service Requirements


Issuance of Carts

  • Every customer is issued one (1) 96-gallon solid waste cart (green lid) and one (1) 96-gallon recycle cart (yellow lid). Any additional carts must be requested by submitting a request form found here. There is a $6.20 fee per month charged for each additional cart. 
  • All established homes will have carts already at the residence.
  • For newly constructed homes, the City will setup cart delivery with Waste Management once a utility account is setup.
  • Customers are responsible for any carts that are lost or stolen. Cart replacements are $70 per cart. Tip: Using a permanent marker, place your address on a piece of duct tape and stick it to the back of each issued carts.

Cart Usage

  • Only trash goes in the trash cart (green lid). Recycling carts (yellow lid) found with trash will NOT be serviced.
  • Carts will hold up to 175 pounds, please do not overfill carts.
  • Carts are the property of Waste Management but it is the customers responsibility to make sure they are cared for properly. 

Cart Set Out & Collection

  • Place carts six feet (6’) from obstructions, such as vehicles or mailboxes, and no more than thirty-six inches (36”) from the edge of the road. Place carts four feet (4’) apart with the handles facing your home or fence. *Note: Any obstruction preventing the trash truck from properly reaching a set out could result in your trash not being collected for the week.
  • Lids must be securely closed.
  • To ensure collection, carts must be at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on the scheduled collection day. 
  • You may set carts out after noon the day before your scheduled collection but they must be removed by noon the day after your scheduled collection day. *Note: Collections may not occur at the same time of day each week.
  • Trash carts (green lid) and Bulk/Brush set out are collected once per week on your scheduled trash day. Recycling carts are collected every other week on your regularly scheduled collection day. 

Special Collection for Disabled Services

If there is no one at the residence able to help you with your cart set out, and you are able to provide documentation of disability from your healthcare provider, you can request to be setup for special collection by submitting a cart assistance request form found here. Please contact the Robinson Utility Billing Office with any questions by calling (254) 662-1415 or by emailing

Residential Solid Waste Services 


Recycle collection is included with your solid waste services and is collected every other week from the solid waste cart with a yellow lid. You can use the Recycling Coach app to determine what week recycling will be collected for your area here. Find more information about recycling, like what is accepted and what is not here.


Customers have the option to set out up to 3 cubic yards of bulk or brush at the curb on their regular trash pick up day. Find more information about this service here.

Hazardous Waste

Waste Management's At Your Door Special CollectionSM provides Robinson residents with front-porch service to collect the difficult, sometimes hazardous, and hard-to-recycle items that almost every household accumulates. Find more information about this service here.