SBA Economic Injury Disaster Declaration Info

Small Business Association Economic Injury Declaration

COVID-19 – TDEM Information Summary

The Small Business Association (SBA) has designated COVID-19 as a qualifying event for the provision of Economic Injury Disaster Loans for businesses and private non-profits in affected communities. On March 18, 2020, the City of Robinson issued a Declaration of Disaster which qualifies the city as an "affected community".

If a business has suffered a substantial economic injury and are one of the following types of businesses located in a declared disaster area, that business may be eligible for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL): 

•Small Business
•Small agricultural cooperative
•Most private nonprofit organizations

In the right-hand column are forms to be used by businesses and private non-profits in affected communities to report losses to the State for tracking purposes. In a local disaster declaration, it is not required for businesses within a jurisdiction to use this form for reporting, it is primarily for convenience in clarifying the supporting documentation the State is required to submit to the U.S. Small Business Administration when requesting an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Declaration.

Local jurisdictions (Cities and Counties) and non-profit organizations are requested to report all COVID-19 costs utilizing the TDEM DSO at here. The DSO Pin# is 200003. This reporting process is similar to any disaster previously involved with.

See the COVID-19 Tracking Guidance document for additional information. (If you need assistance with accessing the WebEOC DSO site, please advise and I will assist you accordingly.)

Process Overview


2. Texas will need to submit 05 Economic Injury Worksheets certifying a small businesses in a disaster area has suffered substantial economic injury as a result of COVID-19 and are in need of financial assistance.

3.TDEM District Coordinators will collect the worksheets and forward them to TDEM Recovery for processing. 

4.SBA will review the worksheets and verify the requests.

5. Once 05 worksheets are validated by SBA, the Governor can request an EIDL declaration.

6. Each county requesting assistance will need at least one qualifying worksheet to be added to the EIDL declaration.

7. After a declaration is approved, add-on counties can be requested directly by TDEM.

Loan Terms Approval

Substantial economic injury means the business is unable to meet its obligations and to pay its ordinary and necessary operating expenses. EIDLs provide the necessary working capital to help small businesses survive until normal operations resume after a disaster. 

The SBA can provide up to $2 million to help meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had the disaster not occurred. Loan amounts will be based on your actual economic injury and a company’s financial needs, regardless of whether the business suffered any property damage.

EIDL assistance is available only to small businesses when SBA determines they are unable to obtain credit elsewhere.

The interest rate on EIDLs will not exceed 4 percent per year. The term of these loans will not exceed 30 years. The repayment term will be determined by the business’s ability to repay the loan.