Virtual City Hosted Public Meetings

In order to practice physical distancing, and follow the ’Stay Home’ Orders from the State, County, and City, we will be holding all upcoming public City meetings, which includes council, board, and commission meetings, virtually. Please see below for the various ways to engage with our meetings.

How to Attend the Virtual Meeting

Via WebEx You can watch our virtual public meetings via the provided WebEx link, in the posted Meeting Agenda
- Works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
- Requires viewer registration before joining
- Allows viewer to engage during 'Public Comment' sections
You can also enter the meeting through a 'listen-only' phone-line, by calling in from your mobile or landline listed in the posted Meeting Agenda
- Works on both landline and mobile phones
- Does not require registration beforehand
- Is available as 'listen-only'
- Toll phone number

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How to give Public Comment

There are three ways to engage in comment during a virtual meeting, where Public Comment is accepted.

Via WebEx: If an attendee is connected to the Virtual Meeting via the WebEx link (through the WebEx website, desktop, or mobile apps) they are able to use the system’s ’raise hand’ feature to indicate they’d wish to speak. When they do so, during the Public Comment section of the meeting, they will be unmuted by a City employee in order to give comment.

Via Dial-in: If an attendee wishes to give public via telephone, they may do so via the US toll phone number, provided in the agenda. They will be called upon, in the order their call is connected initially, in order to give comment.

Via Email: If an attendee does not wish to give comment via audio, they may submit their comment in writing to the City Secretary via, for it to then be read out during the Public Comment section.

Please note: all attendees wishing to offer public comment (through any of the means listed above) must submit their request to the City Secretary no less than 2 hours before the meeting’s scheduled start. If they are offering comment via telephone / dial-in, they must connect 15 mins prior to the meeting start, to register their attendance. No attendee will have a live feed from their computer’s webcam.

2.  How to ’Raise Hand’ via WebEx

During a virtual meeting’s Public Comment section, attendees who are connected to the platform via WebEx (and have preregistered their intent to offer public comment) may indicate they are ready to talk by ’raising their’ hand. They may do so, in the following way:

On Desktop: The attendee may click on the ’Participants’ icon in the bottom row of circular buttons, and then click on the ’hand’ icon that appears in the ’Participants’ panel.

On Mobile: When in a virtual meeting, the attendee may click on the ’Participants’ icon that appears in the upper-left of the screen, and then click on the ’Raise Hand’ button that appears at the bottom.

Information for Upcoming Virtual Meetings

Due to the current orders in place to stay home and to social distance and in accordance with Governor Abbott’s suspension of various provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the City hosted meetings will be held remotely until further notice.

The Meeting Agenda, and the Agenda Packet, can be found in the Agendas & Minutes section of the website or by clicking here. Para la agenda en español, visite este sitio web.

The telephone and video meeting will be hosted through WebEx.

Access the meeting online through the link listed within the agenda for that meeting.

Access Code: this is the code you will use to access the meeting and will be made available within the agenda for that meeting.
Meeting Password: this is the password you will use, if promoted, when accessing the meeting. This will be made available within the agenda for that meeting.

Residents can also dial in to be in a listen-only mode for the meeting by calling the toll-free number listed in the agenda for that meeting.

Public comment will only be allowed via telephone or video conference via WebEx. All speakers must register to speak at least two hours in advance of the meeting. All public comment will occur at the beginning of the meeting under the public comment item. Speakers must call in at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting starting in order to speak. Written comments may also be submitted two hours in advance of the meeting. To register to speak or to submit written comments, please email

An audio recording of the virtual meeting will be made and available to the public in accordance with the Open Meetings Act upon written request.