Street Maintenance and Repairs

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Street Work for 2023
ProjectScopeWork Completed by
Chip Seal Program
Reclaimed and Chip Sealed

Sunset (Hoffmeyer to dead end. Total of 2,095 SF**)
Donlo (W. Moonlight to dead end. Total of 920 LF*)
City Street Crew
Chip Seal Program
Leveled and Chip Sealed

E. Moonlight (US 77 to existing resurfacing. Total of 3,200 LF*)
W. Tate Ave. (S. Old Robinson Rd. to first curve. Total of 2,650 LF*)
City Street Crew

Reclamation Program 
(Remix & stabilize road base and apply chip seal)
Cooksey (Hillside to city limits. Total of 1.64 miles) McLennan County Pct. 1
Annual (Ongoing Maintenance Pothole repair, point and base failure repair, drainage maintenance, and service requests.City Street Crew

*LF - Linear Feet
**SF - Square Feet  

Street reclamation includes remixing existing road surface and base materials, adding new base material as needed, grading and compacting, applying asphaltic emulsion primer, and applying CRS-2 heated asphaltic emulsion with a 3/8” chip rock surface.  

The above listed projects are targets that the street department and our contractors will work towards during the summer months. However we cannot predict weather delays, material shortages, equipment failures, etc. and we cannot control our contractor’s schedule. Any projects not completed this FY will be pushed to the top of the list for Fiscal Year 2024.