Street Maintenance and Repairs

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Street Work for 2023
ProjectScopeWork Completed by
Chip Seal Program
(Resurface only)
Sunset, Donlo (Remix & chip seal)City Street Crew
Reclamation Program 
(Remix & stabilize road base and apply chip seal)
Cooksey (1.64 miles)McLennan County Pct. 1
Micro-Surface Program
(Resurface with thin coat of asphalt emulsion and fine aggregate)
Chado (9,340 SY**) and Baker (7,470 SY**)
(Rescheduled to 2024 due to extensive curb and drainage issues)
Viking Construction
Base Failures, Sunken Curbs, and Drainage MaintenanceDrainage Maintenance: 700 Lux (erosion), 618 E Rocket (culvert), Kempner Park (erosion, Greenbriar (erosion), Hillside (ditch work), Beard (debris removal), Greig (erosion)City Street Crew
Annual Street MaintenancePothole repair, point repair and base failure repair, drainage maintenance, and service requests.City Street Crew

**SY - Square Yards   

Micro-surfacing is a surface treatment designed to extend the life of asphalt streets in acceptable condition by providing improved skid resistance, restricting moisture intrusion, protecting the pavement from further oxidation, and restoring a uniform level surface that is ready for traffic within a couple of hours of application. Micro-surfacing is the most economic method for renewing pavement surfaces and will reduce life-cycle costs by 25% - 45% compared to traditional HMA asphalt overlays, and will reduce greenhouse gases by 44% or more, and energy use by 54% compared to traditional HMA asphalt overlays. Micro-surfacing will also add 6 – 8 years of useful life to a street, thereby reducing the volume of streets needing total rehabilitation and enabling the city to expand more valuable resources to more streets. 

The above listed projects are targets that the street department and our contractors will work towards during the summer months. However we cannot predict weather delays, material shortages, equipment failures, etc. and we cannot control our contractor’s schedule. Any projects not completed this FY will be pushed to the top of the list for Fiscal Year 2024.