Obtaining a Permit

The City issues one permit per project. All contractors, including the general contractor must register through the city's MyGov system and stay current with the city.

Contractor Registration

  • Registration is renewable yearly.
  • Permits will not be issued until all contractors are registered.
  • Any contractor whose registration has expired prevents any further inspections being requested, even if that contractor’s work is complete.
  • Register through MyGov. Instructions on how to register for a MyGov account and how to login are provided in the tab section below.
  • A copy of the state license and a photo ID/driver’s license will need to be made and added through the portal.
  • Verification of state licenses will be made at the time the permit is approved.
  • Certain trades will be required to show a certificate of insurance.
  • Registration is free!
  1. Inspection Request Can Be Made by:

    (254) 242-0008

    Information to Include

    • Your name and company name
    • Address or permit number of jobsite. Include suite numbers, lock box codes and any instructions to the inspector necessary for entry. Example: Access hatch is in electrical room on North side of building, key under flower pot on front porch, etc.
    • Call back telephone number/on site contact, if required
    • Time you are requesting the inspection to take place, make sure to include a.m. to p.m. with the time.

    Take Special Note:

    • When calling for inspections, the inspection will be scheduled for the next business day. If you need same day inspection, we must receive it by 7:00am or it will be assigned the next day.
    • Emergency inspections may be called in at any time and will incur a $75.00 inspection fee.

How to Obtain a Permit

Permits are applied for through MyGov. When applying for a permit, you must upload a completed application, digital plans, and all other required documents. Be sure to select Robinson as the jurisdiction. Instructions are provided below under the Applying Online tab.

  1. Register for a MyGov Account
  2. Applying Online
  3. Login to MyGov Account
  4. Types of Permits and Inspections

Navigate to MyGov.

Register for a MyGov account by clicking on New Account under the green Login button.

  • Enter First and Last name, and email.
  • Create a password and confirm password.
  • Check the "I have read and agree with the Terms of Service" button. 
  • Click the Validate Email button and then check the email inbox used to create the account. A box will populate stating an email was sent. 
  • Obtain the validation code sent from the automatically generated MyGov email and return back to the email sent box to enter the code. Then click the create account button.
  • When logged in a box will populate containing the information used to create the account. Verify the information is correct and enter additional information. Then click save contact. 

Required Items for Projects and Additional Information

Under each tab below you will find a list of commonly required items for different projects. However, these may vary based on the scope of work. If you have any questions please calls us at (254) 662-1415 or email Permits@RobinsonTexas.org. Complete construction documents may be uploaded to MYGOV.

Primary Construction

  1. New Commercial/Commercial Additions
  2. New Single Family Construction/Additions
  3. Multi-Family Buildings
  4. Commercial Finish-Outs or Remodels

At the Time of Permit Application

The following shall be submitted to initiate plan review:

  • Complete Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscape, and Interior Design construction documents. 
    • Please provide each discipline as an individual bound PDF with straightforward file name. 
    • All construction documents shall be signed, sealed, and dated for construction. Maximum 24” x 36” sheet size is acceptable. 

Note: A permit application may be opened with only Civil, or Civil and Landscape drawings, however once Architectural/Structural/MEPs have been submitted, all revisions should stay on the same revision cycle.

  • TDLR TABS registration number (on the cover sheet is acceptable)
  • Separate bound 8.5” x 11” PDFs of the following documents: 
    • Envelope, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, and Mechanical COMchecks, 
    • Executed Storm Water SWPPP,
    • Geotechnical Report,
    • Credible evidence that an asbestos survey online or via PDF form has been conducted for modifications to existing buildings (bound 8.5" x11" PDF preferred).
  • Texas Health and Human Services Asbestos Program

After All Plan Review Comments Have Been Resolved

The following shall be submitted for permit approval:

  • One (1) CDs or DVDs (must be an optical disk, not USB drive) with all construction documents in PDF format. 
    • Provide each discipline as an individual bound PDF with straightforward file name. 
    • Include any supporting documentation such as COMchecks, Geotechnical reports, SWPPPs, etc.

After construction is complete, the following shall be submitted prior to C.O. issuance:

  • One (1) Civil “As-Built” documents on 22” x 34” blueline or blackline prints.
  • One (1)  Civil “As-Built” documents on CDs or DVDs 

Secondary Construction

  1. Racking/High Piled Storage
  2. Pools and Spas
  3. Fences and Retaining Walls
  4. Signs
  5. Water Heater
  6. Outdoor Living

General Information

Storage of combustible materials over 12 feet in height shall comply with 2018 IFC. The following should be provided in the same list format as below and should be provided by a fire protection engineer or an individual holding a Responsible Managing Employee-General (RME-G) from the Texas Department of Insurance. The construction documents should also clearly delineate the following information:

  • Floor plan of the building showing locations and dimensions of high-piled storage areas.
  • Usable storage height for each storage area.
  • Number of tiers within each rack, if applicable.
  • Commodity clearance between top of storage and the sprinkler deflector for each storage arrangement.
  • Aisle dimensions between each storage array.
  • Maximum pile volume for each storage array.
  • Location and classification of commodities in accordance with 2018 IFC.
  • Location of commodities that are banded or encapsulated.
  • Location of required fire department access doors.
  • Type of fire protection systems.
  • Location of valves controlling the water supply of ceiling and in-rack sprinklers.
  • Type, location, and specifications of smoke removal and curtain board systems.
  • Dimension and location of transverse and longitudinal flue spaces.
  • Analysis from a fire protection engineer or an individual holding a Responsible Managing Employee-General (RME-G) from the Texas Department of Insurance which states that the existing or proposed fire sprinkler system is designed to adequately protect the proposed commodities and storage arrangement within the high-piled storage area.
  • Please provide construction details indicating the size, quantity, and location of anchors used to secure racking to the foundation in accordance with 2018 IBC 1605.1.1.