Plan Review

Plans are reviewed in the order that they are received, and in most cases, comments will be returned within 7 to 15 business days. Plans are reviewed for compliance with all applicable City codes and ordinances, including the following:

  • Building Code
  • Fire Code
  • Subdivision Plat/Zoning 
  • Accessibility
  • Energy Conservation Code
  • Landscaping, Driveways
  • Parking, Traffic Control
  • Traffic Visibility Paving & Street Improvements
  • Drainage
  • Utilities.

Once plans have been reviewed, a set of plan review comments will be forwarded to the applicant. All items requiring modifications to the plans will be noted, along with fee calculations for applicable fees. All such comments should be addressed, and plan revisions submitted exhibiting the changes.

If needed, you may request a pre-permit meeting to discuss the plan review comments. This may offer a quicker resolution to most issues. An appointment for a pre-permit meeting can may be made by calling (254) 662-1415 or by emailing Permits and Inspections.