Will my water bill increase?

Possibly. There are two primary reasons you might see an increase in your water bill. Traditional meters and AMI meters measure water traveling through to the home in the same way, but the improved performance of a new meter can result in a more accurate measurement of the water used due to an inaccurate older water meter or potential leaks that have gone unnoticed. Due to this, customers may notice an increase in their bill based on actual consumption. However, if your old meter was operating properly, you may not see any changes in your monthly bill. It's important to remember that higher than normal water bills can also indicate a household leak and should be investigated. The City of Robinson has some troubleshooting tips on our website: https://www.robinsontexas.org/DocumentCenter/View/1956/Check-for-Leaks-PDF

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1. What are the new digital water meters?
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7. Will my water bill increase?
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