Why are we getting digital water meters?

Heat and drought tend to lead to increased water usage for customers. Whether it's watering the yard, filling a swimming pool, preventing a shift in the foundation, or watering the lawn, all can play a role in customers experiencing higher water bills in the summer. Higher water bills usually increase customers' concern over their usage and bill accuracy. To find a solution to these concerns, City Council directed Robinson staff to embark on a thorough vetting process to find the ideal technology that would empower customers to learn more about their water use while ensuring the accuracy of customers' water usage and bill. 

The digital water meters from Sensus were identified as the most cost-effective and reliable technology for this endeavor. These digital water meters are designed to help customers understand and gain insight into how and when they use water. They also provide the opportunity to determine and locate water leaks quicker, aiding in preserving this natural resource.

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1. What are the new digital water meters?
2. What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure?
3. Why are we getting digital water meters?
4. How does the new technology work?
5. How will the new digital water meters benefit me?
6. How much will the digital water meters cost me?
7. Will my water bill increase?
8. How will I be able to access the data on my water usage?
9. How many days, weeks, months of back data will be available?
10. What types of alerts will I be able to set up?
11. How secure will my data and information be?
12. What if a customer wants to keep their current meter?
13. Will there be a schedule made available on when meters will be switched for specific areas?
14. Do I need to be present during the meter exchange service?
15. Will my water service be interrupted during the installation?
16. Will these new digital water meters be safe for me and my family?
17. Will the electronic device on the meter interfere with other electronic equipment?
18. What prevents someone from removing the top of the meter, where the information is stored?
19. Will the new meters be easier to turn off for repairs?
20. What should I do if my water line has air or the water is not clear?
21. What if there is a leak at the meter or problems after the meter is replaced?
22. How many jobs will be lost over this new technology?
23. Shouldn’t our focus be on fixing streets instead of installing new water meters?
24. What's the difference between water usage and wastewater?
25. How are tiers set?
26. How is the wastewater average calculated for residential customers?
27. How are wastewater rates set?