Why is the City issuing debt at this time?

Age and increasing demand are impacting our utility systems. While the City has been making strides in improving these systems by replacing aging infrastructure, there is still work that needs to be done.  

First, we are working to ensure that the City of Robinson will have adequate water to meet the needs of our customers for years to come. Our water treatment plant, which was built in the early 1990s, is nearing capacity, and some of its processes are reaching the end of their useful service life. To continue to meet current and future demand, half of the debt issued with these bonds, along with funds the City has already set aside, will be used to upgrade and expand our treatment plant, incorporating the newest processes to meet changing standards to ensure safe drinking water for our customers. 

The remaining half of the debt issued will be used to improve the wastewater system, including expanding and upgrading the Industrial lift station, which is at capacity, and continuing to replace problem sewer lines. 

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1. Why is the City issuing debt at this time?
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