What is accepted in the Hazardous Waste Collection?

This list below includes the most common eligible items for the At Your Door Special Collection® service. This list is not all-inclusive, and the full list of eligible items may vary depending on state and local regulations. We reserve the right to modify the list. Additional instructions may apply, based on applicable regulations. Visit the website for more info @ http://www.wmatyourdoor.com.

Eligible Materials 

In general, most ordinary household chemicals and many electronics are eligible for collection. Only items originating from households are eligible, no business materials are allowed. The quantity of material that is collected at any one time is limited to the items that can fit into the kit bag along with designated items that may be placed outside the bag.

The collection will typically include the following eligible materials:

Household Cleaners


Floor stripper

Drain cleaner

Floor cleaner

Tile/shower cleaner

Carpet/upholstery cleaner

Rust remover

Toilet bowl cleaner


Paint Products

Oil based paint

Latex paint

Stripper and thinner


Wood preservative and stains


Spray paint

Artist paint


Automotive Material

Motor oil




Brake fluids

Used oil filters

Transmission fluid

Windshield washer fluid

Hydraulic fluid

Vehicle batteries (4 max.)

Gasoline and Diesel fuel (must be placed

in containers designed and sold for the

containment and transportation of fuel (10 gal. max.)

Swimming Pool Chemicals 

Pool acid

Chlorine: tablets, liquids



Mercury Containing Devices 





Garden Chemicals 

Insect sprays/Insecticides

Weed killers




Other poisons

Misc. Household

Household batteries

Straight fluorescent tubes/ Compact fluorescent bulbs (5 max.)

High intensity lamps

Hobby glue

Driveway sealer (5 gal. max)

Flammable & Combustible Materials




Electronics with Circuit Boards (25 lbs. total)

Televisions (1 max.)

Computer monitors

CPU/computer tower (1 max.)

Laptop computer

Tablet computer



Fax machine

Desktop printer/scanner


DVD/CD/tape player


Cell phone

MP3 player, iPod, music player

Microwave oven

Related cords

Gaming console

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