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  1. Community News and Events Content Submission Form

    Citizens are welcomed to share news and events with the City. The community calendar and news section space in the citizen newsletter... More…

  2. Robinson Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting Registration Form and Rules
  1. Food for Families Contest Team Submission Form
  2. Sponsorship Agreement for Robinson Festival


  1. Hotel Occupancy Tax Report
  1. Hotel/Motel Funding Request

    This form is to request funding for Hotel/Motel funding from the City of Robinson.

General Forms

  1. Board and Commissions Application

    The City of Robinson appreciates your interest in serving the community. A list of the boards and commissions can be found on the... More…

  2. Let Us Know
  3. Logo Contest Submission

    Entrants can use this form to submit designs for the Rocktoberfest Logo Contest.

  4. Request for Public Records
  1. Discontinue Service Request
  2. Livestock Log Information
  3. Police Department - Personal History Statement
  4. Robinson Police Department Compliment/Complaint Form


  1. Building Inspection Request

    City of Robinson Building Inspection Request Form

  1. Outdoor Burning Application

Municipal Court

  1. Request a Remote Court Appearance

    The court is committed to following the Supreme Court’s Emergency Orders and guidance issued by the Office of Court Administration... More…


  1. Park Facility Rental Application
  1. Special Event Support Request Form

    Organizations wishing to request City services, equipment, waiving of fees, or make use of a City of Robinson street must submit a... More…


  1. National Night Out Registration Form

    This form is to register your National Night Out event with the Robinson Police Department. National Night Out is an annual... More…

  2. Security Check Request
  1. Online Police Report Form

    Using this online police report form allows you to submit a report and print a copy for your records. Please confirm the following to... More…

Water and Utilities

  1. Application for Utility Services

    Application to set up Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste services

  2. Cart Assistance Request Form

    Form to request assistance with solid waste collection carts if you are anyone residing in your household is unable to move them back... More…

  3. Extra Cart Request Form

    Submit this form if you would like to request additional solid waste and/or recycling carts for an additional fee.

  4. Request for Disclosure of Information Maintained by the City of Robinson Utilities Department

    This form enables you to request disclosure of certain information under Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182.

  5. Undefined High-Water Use Bill Adjustment Application

    Application to submit a request for a high-water bill adjustment.

  1. Automatic Draft Cancellation

    Form to request cancel automatic draft for utility account.

  2. Discontinue Service Request Form

    Form to discontinue utility services account.

  3. Leak Adjustment Request Form

    Form to request a leak adjustment.

  4. Request to Update Utility Account Contact Information Form

    This form is to update contact information for customer's utility accounts. If you have had a telephone number or email change, please... More…