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Special Event Support Request Form

  1. City of Robinson

  2. Organizations wishing to request City services, equipment, waiving of fees, or make use of a City of Robinson street must submit a request for approval. Incomplete applications will not be considered and will automatically be denied. Due to the City of Robinson only having one park, any requests that would limit the community from accessing the park will not be accepted.

  3. Submission Checklist Section

  4. Submission Checklist:

    The following items must be submitted with an application. Applications will be considered incomplete if any information is missing.

  5. Use this to upload a pdf document of all the items listed within the event checklist.

  6. Use this area to explain why one of the submission checklist items are not being included in your submission.

  7. Event Manager/Organization Manager Section:

  8. If different from the other number.

  9. Event Details:

  10. Type of Event:

    Please check all categories that best describe your event:

  11. Cost are associated with certain types of services. The event organizer is responsible for city equipment and facilities. If any equipment or facilities is missing, damaged, or destroyed, costs will be billed to the organizer after the event. Any change in events needs must be finalized at least seven days before the event.

  12. Check all event needs. Fees for services are listed:

    Below you will list the facility or park use requesting. Use of the entire park is based on each individual event. If approval is given the park must still be open to anyone for use.

  13. Please mark all needs:

    Cones and barricades are available for your event if needed. Charges and restrictions may apply depending on the type, size, location, and time of your event.

  14. Check solid waste needs:

  15. Robinson Police Department

    The applicant is required to provide and pay for any law enforcement officer or other personnel needed for the event based on the below chart. Such payment shall be made directly to the personnel that is not on-duty for the City of Robinson on or before the day of the special event or parade.

  16. Event Partnership Section:

  17. If you are requesting the waiver of fees associated with an event or making a special request of the City, use the following space to make that request. Make sure to include why this request is being made and the benefits the City will receive for its partnership. If available, include any supporting documents where sponsorship levels and benefits are listed such as a sponsorship brochure, etc. Each request will be considered on an individual basis.

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