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Undefined High-Water Use Bill Adjustment Application

  1. The City of Robinson allows a single-family residential customer to apply for a credit adjustment for an “undefined high water use bill” provided that: the customer has at least 13 consecutive months of water use at the service address; the undefined high water use bill was greater than two times the average water use and the customer has not received an adjustment in the previous 24 months.
  2. Account Information
  3. Name listed on the account.
  4. Does this address have landscaping that is watered?*
  5. How is landscaping watered?*
  6. If an irrigation system is used, can you confirm the system does not have any broken or leaking sprinkler heads, there are no excessive run times, and there is no water run-off?*
  7. Check the days the irrigation system is set to run:*
  8. Check the days landscaping is watered with a hose:*
  9. Does this service address have a pool or spa?*
  10. Were you away from the property during the period covered by the high bill:*
  11. Have you established a new landscape (new sod, new trees, xeriscaping)?*
  12. Were there any plumbing repairs?*
  13. Did you refill your pool or spa?*
  14. Did you have anyone stay with you for an extended amount of time?*
  15. Customers Acknowledgement
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