Jana Lewellen

City Secretary
Title: City Secretary
Phone: (254) 662-1415
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Jana Lewellen’s career as a city secretary has came full circle. She held her first city secretary position for the City of Robinson in 2010, and returned as Robinson’s city secretary once again on June 1. City council members approved her recommended appointment during their regular monthly meeting held April 7, 2015. “I always felt like Robinson was home,” Lewellen said. “Since the day I left, I always thought I would come back one day. I hoped, but never knew the opportunity would present itself again.”

Since beginning her career as a city secretary six years ago, Lewellen has achieved many of her goals. “I received my Texas Registered Municipal Clerk certification in November 2013 through the University of North Texas,” Lewellen said. “Though it’s not a requirement to have this certification, it was a goal I set for myself when I became city secretary at Robinson. It’s a huge personal and professional achievement.” Additionally, Lewellen is a member of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA) and is serving as the Central Texas Chapter’s president and on the membership committee. She was selected as the 2013 Central Texas Chapter TMCA Clerk of the Year and recently received a nomination for the 2015 TMCA Clerk of the Year Award.

Though her work as a city secretary has a short history, Lewellen’s work with municipalities began in 2004 when she served as the Bell County Elections Administrator. “I was able to be really involved with all the municipalities in the Bell County area,” Lewellen said. “When I was interested in finding something new, the Temple city secretary at the time thought I would really enjoy a city secretary position due to the elections component. She encouraged me to apply for the City of Robinson position when it became available in 2010.” Lewellen said elections continue to be her favorite part of the job. “I love the whole process,” Lewellen said. “It’s something that is bigger than me. It’s a sense of accomplishment and a successful election is a true measure of what being a good city secretary is.”

Lewellen said she is excited to be back with the City of Robinson. “I wouldn’t have changed anything I’ve done or the moves that I’ve made,” Lewellen said. “It was beneficial for me to have worked for two larger cities and bring back what I’ve learned from those experiences." 

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