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1. Where is Building Inspection located and what are the hours of operation?
2. What forms of payment are accepted?
3. What is the cost of a permit?
4. When is a permit required?
5. What construction can occur on property before issuance of a building permit, and when can dirt work begin on a project?
6. Can a utility permit be issued prior to the building permit?
7. Is a pre-construction meeting required prior to new construction?
8. Can a “foundation-only” permit be obtained?
9. Can application be made for a building permit while the site is being platted or zoning is pending?
10. When can utilities be turned on?
11. What is a Certificate of Occupancy?
12. Is a new C.O. required when the business name stays the same but the owner of the business changes?
13. Can a portion of the building or structure be occupied prior to the completion of the entire building or structure?